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Creative, inspiring & lovely things.

“There is nothing new under the sun”… at least according to the wisest man to have lived under the sun. Which is precisely why trends are meant to be set. And then reset.

The idea began long ago, as a mere appreciation for music, art, fashion & design: anything creative & inspiring. Velour ~ Fashion Recycled is the outcome of melding these passions as two couples join together in business.

Brothers, Stephen & Andrew Brittell discovered a passion for creativity and music at an early age. Creating, playing and producing music is a fundamental part of their life, coupled with a passion for truth, design & art. Although native to the area, both married ladies from far off lands (well, at least non-Oregonian ladies that is).

Part Canadian and part Idahoian, Amy moved to Newberg in 2007. Working as a local barista, her true passion can be heard in her music and seen in her craft of creating unique fashion accessories. Stephen & Amy were married in 2009 and together create & play music, enjoy going on walks with their puggle pup Liam and eating veggie burritos at the local Panaderia.

Jessica moved to Newberg in the fall of 2002 to attend George Fox. There, in the Graphic Design program, she discovered her love of creative vision and design and met Andrew. They were later married in 2007 and together they enjoy designing, playing Scrabble and feeding their puggle Conrad human food.

Between the four of them, the love of music, art, fashion, creativity and puggles is evident. Velour is the culmination of these passions. A venue that encompasses creative, inspiring & lovely things: Apparel, accessories, décor, art, stationary & journals. A resale shop with a boutique twist that allows individuals to recycle their fashion and to experience fashion recycled.

Trends are set. And then reset.